Where I'm From

I am from diehards,
from Cemex and reconciliation.
I am from the post at the nursery.
(Ivory, convulsive,
it smelled like white radish.)
I am from the bluejack buckthorn
the spotted weeping sycamore
whose monied mists I chronicled
as if they were my own.

I'm from mangetout and smithereens,
          from Claribel and Amee.
I'm from the slam poets
          and the reformers,
from 'shoo' and 'urgh'!
I'm from 'Life is about making an impact'
          'If you judge people, you have no time to love them'
          and three opinions I can say myself.

I'm from Calexico and Cape Girardeau,
stirred bell pepper and stiff mirin.
From the arm my grandson stayed
          in a football game,
the porcupine my niece stunk to keep their touch.

Behind my cupboard was a walled box
holding huge saucers,
a sift of apt faces
to bail in my tracts.
I am from those flyers--
annexed before I annexed--
urn-keep from the infielders tree.


poem generator by Mary Dickson based on the original by George Ella Lyon. A project for #NaNoGenMo, November 2015.