Where I'm From

I am from witches,
from Milk-Bone and undersecretary.
I am from the urn inside the bedroom.
(Maroon, collective,
it felt like bilberry.)
I am from the jack sweetoak
the orange rock cedar
whose whipsaw maids I pacified
as if they were my own.

I'm from lychee and assassins,
          from Leah and Keva.
I'm from the vegans
          and the skaters,
from 'see ya' and 'lo'!
I'm from 'At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet'
          'Nothing in life is to be feared'
          and four personal experiences I can say myself.

I'm from Auburn and Wellington,
pickled lychee and cooling brandy.
From the tongue my mother-in-law fared
          to a stress fracture,
the ocelot my granddaughter bought to keep their taste.

Over my china cabinet was a apt box
holding charred rulings,
a sift of feigned faces
to climb against my thefts.
I am from those extracts--
nurtured before I undid--
age-tout from the multiples tree.


poem generator by Mary Dickson based on the original by George Ella Lyon. A project for #NaNoGenMo, November 2015.