Where I'm From

I am from stables,
from Discover and securitization.
I am from the grate at the conference room.
(Pumpkin, putative,
it tasted like grapefruit.)
I am from the lady aspen
the broadleaf pawpaw alder
whose vaulting germs I inflicted
as if they were my own.

I'm from topinambur and rumblings,
          from Charlena and Madeleine.
I'm from the band geeks
          and the carnivores,
from 'ah' and 'zzz'!
I'm from 'At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet'
          'Two roads diverged in a wood'
          and one personal experiences I can say myself.

I'm from Crystal Lake and Altoona,
pureed orange and cool pineapple juice.
From the shoulder my half-brother proved
          when they almost drowned,
the badger my grandchildren mopped to keep their smell.

Below my bureau was a wild box
holding dense suckers,
a sift of jagged faces
to gnaw about my streets.
I am from those blankets--
savaged before I sweated--
scrap-etch from the lobbyists tree.


poem generator by Mary Dickson based on the original by George Ella Lyon. A project for #NaNoGenMo, November 2015.